love always

hello there! i'm thrilled you stopped by to visit! since you've landed on my "about" page, i suppose you'd like to learn a little "about" me. i'm an artist, musician, song-writer, student, teacher, and producer born and raised in california, and i currently call the beautiful rocky mountain state of colorado my home. this language i speak called "music" is ever-evolving and also a constant in my life.

i've been a musician from the moment i took my first breath. you see, there's always been a simple truth between god and myself; the gift of a voice that has never really belonged to me. rather, it is a precious item placed under my guardianship, and one that i have never really felt i was equipped for nor deserving of. a responsibility that has never been lost on me; mistakes and moments when i could have been a better steward notwithstanding. 

there remains another truth, however, that hasn't been as simple for me, although i think for god it remains simpler still.

i am enough.

without my name, without my looks, without my voice, without my music.

i am enough.

with my flaws, with my mistakes, with my foul mouth, with my forgetfulness, with my eccentricities, with my nakedness.

i am enough.

authenticity is living as enough, then believing that you are. courage is the awareness of fear, and acting despite it's presence. and so, here we find ourselves. music has chosen me, and here's my courageous attempt at living and believing that i am enough. and believe me when i say "courageous" because honestly, i'm scared shitless. and yet...

i am enough.

i am more than the way i look and the way i sound. i have deeper thoughts and shallow ones, some of which make it out into the world. i am complex and simple and my life has been easy and hard. i am smart and there are many things i still have to learn. i totally have my shit together and i'm also a fucking disaster. i am both confident and riddled with fear, and i also love. 

i love some people and others not as much. i love dancing, baking, music, art, almost anything creative, and critters of many sizes and shapes.

i want to love all the ways of myself. 
i am enough. and so are you.
here is the music i courageously share. 
and here i am.
we are both human; equally deserving of love and limited by time.  so it goes.

 love always,