pretty lies - debut EP

by jaelee

official release date: december 1, 2017

Scratch Cat Records
phone 310.570.9041

Scratch Cat Records Announces the Debut EP Album Release from New Artist, jaelee  


Denver, Colorado - Scratch Cat Records is ecstatic to announce the debut EP album "pretty lies" from new artist, jaelee. "pretty lies" is available for digital purchase and streaming everywhere on Friday, December 1, 2017.

jaelee emerges as a new artist with the release of her debut EP "pretty lies" on December 1, 2017. Acting as song-writer, lyricist, and co-producer, jaelee's "pretty lies" presents an audible exploration of genre, style, and expression from an often unexpected perspective. With a background as a classical musician and operatic singer, jaelee brings a unique style to the pop and hip-hop music scene. A spin on familiar sounds, relevant lyrics, and an understated vocal approach, "pretty lies" exhibits the mark of a truly seasoned artist that is both refined and fresh for the current generation.

Co-produced with colleague and friend Chris Scott of Denver's well-known duo, OptycNerd, the album includes a collaborative track titled "On the Regular" that features writing and vocals performed by the group's frontman, Chris Kimmel. 

For more information about the artist, please visit the official website http://lovejaelee.com

Scratch Cat Records is the in-house label associated with JLStudios, a Denver-based music industry services company. http://www.JLStudiosArts.com/

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